About Us

 Who are you & who are we?

Who is our Ideal customer? Well, you, if you are reading this. As most of us are former athletes- who still enjoy being active- we know there is a million lifestyle, active or athleisure brands to choose from today. What separates them? A lot of times, not much. Well, we never want to be "just another brand!" Our approach is always going to have an athlete feel or touch. From the inspirations behind the designs, to the functionality, to just getting our brand in the hands of the active and athletic enthusiasts. We also want to make sure you are ALWAYS happy. That is where our "Live Athletic 100% Satisfaction Guarantee" comes into play. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, if it does not fit perfectly OR if you would not recommend us to THREE friends, you can return it for 100% of your money back AND we will pay the shipping. No questions ask.

Everyone is an athlete (well, at least that is what we tell ourselves). Even if you aren’t, do you like sports? Being active? Do you like hitting the gym or Barry’s to stay fit? Maybe you just want to look good with your shirt off or bikini on in the summertime. Or you work out just enough, to never say no to a happy hour. There is a thousand ways to be active these days. We imagine, in more ways than one, you are all active, otherwise our targeting is slacking ;). But we as consumers like the concept of NEW. New apparel, new accessories, sometimes it matters less what it actually is and more what the hype is behind it. Well, it all matters to us and it isn’t just hype. There are millions of you, and we can’t want to share our story.

We appreciate you, for being the way you are, all we ask in return, is to continue to #LiveAthletic